Thursday, 20 January 2022

GeogLive! 6 - Cold Landscapes

The U.K has a seasonal, temperate climate, while globally we have extremes. 

How can we teach pupils about cold landscapes from EY-KS2? About this event Join us for this two part session on cold landscapes. 

Part 1: Emma Kerr, Headteacher, Teaching about Antarctica and the Shackleton Project

Part 2: Sharon Witt, Consultant, Exploring local winter landscapes 

Chaired by Julia Tanner @EYPPC_GA committee, @The_GA 

This free webinar will support conversations about distant places from the U.K, the teaching of geography at cold latitudes and consideration of the people, locations and environments we might find there. This webinar will conclude with a Q+A and some information about the extensive support the Geographical Association offers: high-quality classroom resources, inspirational teaching ideas, Subject Leader guidance, excellent continuing professional development events, and stimulating networking opportunities, reflecting OFSTED’s recent recommendation that teachers draw on "subject-specific support and professional networks ‘ (Ofsted, 2021).

Watch a recording here.
I particularly loved Sharon Witt's session of course - as always.


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