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Landscapes of Brave

A nice quote by Katherine Sarafian, the producer of 'Brave' on the importance of research when starting to plan the film: We started this journey, right here in Edinburgh, about six years ago, on a research trip, because it's research, research, research. Pixar start in the truest sense of where you want to begin the story, which is by touching the rocks and the heather and the lichen, and breathing the air, and seeing the weather changes. Update I went to see the film on Friday afternoon while down in Kent for a long weekend, and really enjoyed it. It helped that it was at an Odeon rather than my usual fleapit (no offence) so had HD image quality, and surround sound and good seats... The animation of the landscape was fantastic, particularly the scenes where Merida rides quickly through it, or the rain falls, or the fishing scene in the river... There was the humour of the little half-heard comments, such as when the warriors all climb to the top of the high tower

Olympic Landscapes

Recognise this coastal landscape ? What geographical features can you see ? It's taken from the BBC's animated Olympics trail that has been shown repeatedly for the last few weeks. What other landscapes does it contain ? Click to enlarge - Image copyright: BBC

What is your favourite National Park ?

That's the (difficult) question on this BBC page. Here were the standings at the time when I cast my vote...