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Landscape survey - a chance to help with some research

I've been sent a link to a survey which I hope you might be able to help with. My name is Kate Wayland and I'm currently studying Geography (BSc) at Staffordshire University. As part of my degree I have designed my own dissertation project which equates to 1/4 of my final year. My passion for Geography greatly influences the areas I visit in my spare time. I prefer to visit landscapes that are geologically diverse (landscapes with lots of cool rocks in!).  I am interested in what people like about the landscapes they visit and in particular the general public appreciation of geodiverse landscapes.  Amongst other things I've designed this survey to figure out: - what things attract people to a landscape? - do people appreciate geodiverse landscapes?  - what sort of people like geodiverse landscapes? Hopefully with this information I can suggest suitable ways to encourage  people to enjoy Britain's geodiverse landscapes even more. If you wish to lend me a hand and cont