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North and South American Landscapes

Picture by Ollie Bray (I think...): Mark is the one on the right... :) Mark Beaumont speaking tour.... Starts in March 2010 CONGRATULATIONS TO MARK WHO HAS FINISHED HIS TRANS-AMERICAN CYCLE ! Mark's CYCLING THE AMERICAS blog is here for all the latest on his current challenge, which is going incredibly well. He has summited Denali and Aconcagua, and is now cycling the final leg down to the end of his pan-American adventure. There are some spectacular images and video on the blog. Mark's website is HERE. He comes to King's Lynn on the 27th of March 2010 The other dates can be found here: MARCH Tues 16th DURHAM Gala Theatre 0191 3324041 Wed 17th CHESTERFIELD The Winding Wheel 01246 345 334 Thur 18th BOLTON Albert Halls 01204 334400 Fri 19th HALIFAX Victoria Theatre

Look at London differently...

Georgie is a gorilla on a mission: a MISSION : EXPLORE LONDON mission... Georgie is going to be in London this Saturday: the 16th of January and wants to carry out some special missions... For more information see: GEORGIE NEEDS A MISSION on Mission Explore website... Why not suggest a task for GEORGIE ?? You can send via TWITTER with the tag #GMission or #Gorillamission If you add a comment here with a mission I'll make sure they get passed on too... Many of the suggested missions allow Georgie to explore the URBAN LANDSCAPE of London.

Snow again...

Had another snowy transformation of the landscape over the last few days thanks to some huge falls of snow in South Yorkshire, where I spent Monday night - Wednesday lunchtime. It rather messed up my original plans, but that's the British weather for you...

iPhones and LANDSCAPE ?

Image by Alan Parkinson For those who haven't heard (or are even remotely interested) I finally decided just after Christmas that what I really needed in my life was an iPhone. I opted for a 16Gb 3GS version in glossy white. There are many reasons why I finally succumbed to the ever-so-shiny phone. One of my thoughts was that I had seen geography colleagues using it in interesting ways in the classroom, and outside the classroom (the latter perhaps more than the former) and needed to investigate these by actually using them ... and then reporting on them... There were already some useful posts on the use of iPhones which have been building up over the last year or so since the 3G version of the phone was introduced. Teachers using iPhones Noel Jenkins posted an interesting thought on his DIGITAL GEOGRAPHY blog giving his thoughts - he hadn't got an iPhone at the time, but has now. He has put it to good use with his QR CODE FIELDWORK work: WELLINGTON STORIES. Had the pleasur