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Toolkit Workshop

GA Conference 2008 : University of Surrey, Guildford Just sorting out my luggage and various pickings from the conference, which was based in the AP building of the university. This was one of the dry moments, there were lots of wet ones... Will post more details later in the week once I have more time, but just wanted to make a link to the BLOG of the TEACHER's TOOLKIT workshop which I was particularly involved in. Alan Kinder opened the session, then 4 of the authors talked through some of the ideas... Thanks to those who came along to the session...

GA Conference Workshop 2008

Want to hear me talk about some of the ideas involved in the production of the Landscapes book ? Come along to our workshop at the University of Surrey next week and find out more. | View | Upload your own

New New Zealand (Zealand) Pics.

Coming soon, some more fab images of the landscape from Simon Hathaway.. A taster below:

Protecting Landscapes

New in for Year 7 students... A new idea using the Countryside Code as a basis for some creative work. Also available on SLIDESHARE.

David Attenborough

David Attenborough Got a nice surprise yesterday: entered a ballot for RGS-IBG members earlier in the year, and a ticket arrived in the post ! Image by Flickr User Bryan Ledgard (made available under Creative Commons) Monday 31 March at 18.30 RGS-IBG Balloted lecture Members only Wallace and the birds of paradise Sir David Attenborough David shows film footage and describes the various species that so obsessed Alfred Russel Wallace, who was the first European to see the display of the spectacular birds of paradise. Please note that this lecture is balloted. One ticket entry per member. David Attenborough has obviously produced more footage on the theme of landscapes and natural history than most other people over the years... Anyone else successful ?