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"Warm bath TV"

It's a Sunday evening, there is rain pattering against the window, and the coal fire is well in... You turn on the TV to see someone walking across a mountain ridge, with a helicopter providing a sweeping panoramic shot of the landscape. The presenter: it could be a geographer, could be a TV gardener, could be one half of a former comedy duo, could be a hairy stand-up comedian, could be a jobbing character actor... They're doing the 'hard work' so you don't have to... Thanks to Sky+, YouTube, DVD players in laptops and Interactive boards with VHS inputs, it's easier than ever to bring a bit of the outside into your classroom .... Here are some of the suggestions for TV programmes which would provide a bit of colour to your teaching on landscapes, and perhaps make a point about the value, scale and importance of landscapes to students who are unfamiliar with the real world. COAST: BBC Series 1, 2 or 3 Nick Crane, Neil Oliver and team... Several tours round the co