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Coastal Erosion data

The Coastal Erosion figures from Yorkshire are important,

King Charles III Coastal Path

There was good news for walkers this week with the opening of a new stretch of a proposed path which will run right around the coast of Britain.  This is an area that has been out of bounds for years, as it runs through the Sandringham Estate. I lived in Snettisham for twelve years, and was often frustrated that at Wolferton the path petered out and came well inland away from the coast. It was featured in the local paper, the EDP, and also on BBC News.  I look forward to following the path this coming summer to give it a go. I've been down to Peter Scott's lighthouse many times and followed the path for part of the way, but it was always incomplete between King's Lynn and Heacham. The trail is rather remote as it leaves King's Lynn... all the way to Snettisham. You'll want the wind behind you as well...  The trail website is here.