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Teachers TV

Apologies for going "off topic" for a moment... Although obviously the weather does have an impact on the landscape... The three programmes that I recently consulted on for Teachers TV were added to the website on Friday... There are 3 programmes in the series. Each was developed by Beth Newell and colleagues at Brook Lapping from original ideas which we discussed in an Italian cafe in Cambridge last year... Each programmes last for 15 minutes The first one: Today's Forecast, follows a line across the country from east to west and interviews a number of people whose jobs are dependent on the weather... The second: The Great Storm tells the story of the 1987 Great Storm, but from the perspective of the storm itself... The third: Degrees of Change is based on a specially commissioned poem by Mark Cowan and explores the possible impacts of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 degrees of warming in the future... I'd love any feedback if you watch them, and particularly if you use them i

National Trust Soundscape

The National Trust has released an album of sounds recorded at National Trust properties. The sounds have been assembled and turned into an album by Jarvis Cocker, in association with the National Trust, and make for an engaging soundscape... Visit the site and download your own copy ... How about making a soundtrack album for your school grounds and premises ?

City of Staples

A nice art piece Made from thousands of staples ... A very different "urban environment"... thanks to the Daily Mail once again... The city was named Ephemicropolis Watch the VIMEO VID below of the city being made... The making of Ephemicropolis from Peter Root on Vimeo . 100,000 staples arranged over 40 hours. To see photographs go to