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Discovering the Arctic

Changing landscapes is one theme that is expored in the KS3 Toolkit, " Look at it this Way" I have just written a new module for the Discovering the Arctic website of the RGS-IBG It is now available on the website - go to the bottom to the SWIPA materials - module 9

Winter Landscape

Out early on today to brave the ice and mist to take some photos... This was the second image that I worked on with a programme called Flare for Mac. This was a processed image. Going to try and bring out the trees and rooks that were in the background a little in another version. Click for bigger version Image: Alan Parkinson

Images of the UK

A useful BBC magazine article which asks people from outside of the UK to provide their impressions of the country, Follow the links to read three short descriptions, with accompanying comments.... Useful for exploring what is the 'typical' (or not) image of England Links to the lessons in the book...