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Get involved in #geogshare

A New Year brings with it new challenges and opportunities. 2016 brings new specifications for GCSE and ‘A’ level first teaching, alongside the last year of the existing specifications. The creation of resources for these new specifications will result in thousands of teachers duplicating effort. Local and world events will inevitably take place, which will stimulate teachers into producing resources to help students understand them. Following a suggestion by Tony Cassidy that we could share our resources to reduce this duplication, we have come up with a range of ways to contribute to a new initiative called #geogshare which mirrors similar projects run by other subject teacher communities. There are (at least) three ways that you can get involved in #geogshare. 1. Twitter / Blogs Post a link to a resource, or a blogpost where a resource has been shared Use the hashtag #geogshare when you post it, so that a search will bring it up, and they can also be storified from