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400 posts

Up to 400 posts on this blog. Remember that it was originally set up to support and extend the ideas in the KS3 Toolkit book that I wrote for the previous KS3 curriculum changes, which was called 'Look at it this Way'. There are still copies available to buy from the GA shop but I understand that they are running out…. This new GCSE toolkit on the subject of landscapes will be published in time for the Autumn term I understand - good for the new GCSEs… and written by Becky Kitchen from the GA.

The Language of Landscape

Just doing some digging to find a different document, and found this resource on the National Archive site, which I thought had gone forever, and reclaimed some cards I wrote quite a few years ago. This resources was sent out with the OS Free Maps for Year 7's when they still did that… Use them with your favourite OS Map extract. OS Activity Cards

Worth another watch...

Let's make Greater London a National Park City from Daniel Raven-Ellison on Vimeo . Help make Greater London the world's first National Park City by backing our crowdfunding campaign:

New CPRE President

My toolkit book featured a quote from Bill Bryson when he became President of the CPRE, used with permission. A lot of houses have Emma Bridgewater designed pottery in them. She is about to be announced as the new President of the CPRE : an organisation that has featured on this blog many times over the years. In this Telegraph interview piece she describes some aspects of her views on the Rural landscape. It is a small country. It is all of our backyards.  With increasing numbers of us living in cities then the need to be able to walk out into unspoilt country is all the more crystal clear. The population is going up - we really, really must be very, very intelligent about how we develop and be mindful of the irreversible nature of development.  We will be hated by our grandchildren if we get this wrong.

Our Mission:Explore National Parks is now available to purchase from National Park shops...