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Pennine Landscapes

A quick blog post on a day spent racing to meet a writing deadline , which I fear may now slip into tomorrow.... Just came across an excellent site on the Pennine landscapes ... WATERSHED LANDSCAPE  has a focus on the Pennines near Bradford, just North of the area of the Peak District that I am working on. As the site makes clear, these regions are "rarer than rainforests" .. The site also has a very useful bank of materials for teaching about LANDSCAPES  which piqued my interest. Also the WILDLIFE guides and information. I liked the ideas for using GPS and other geographical tools. Also materials for Environmental and Land Based Diploma. There are also links to some useful videos, such as this one:

Will Self on the Rural...

An interesting feature by Will Self. There are plenty of things here that Geographers would recognise of course. One recurring theme here is that there are few places that have escaped the hand of man... Landscape as palimpsest is a recurring theme in the work that I do with colleagues.
I'm always up for new stamps, especially when they are geographical in nature. Some new Royal Mail stamps are out later this week. They are the first in a set of 26 stamps, which cover famous places from A - Z Which A-Z would you choose ?  A = Angel of the North                       B = Blackpool Tower C = Carrick-a-Rede D = Downing Street E = Edinburgh Castle F = Forth Railway Bridge G = Glastonbury Tor H = Harlech Castle I = Ironbridge J = Jodrell Bank K = Kursaal (Southend) L = Lindisfarne Priory Fits very nicely with Lesson 6 of my GA toolkit book: "Look at it this Way"