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Christmas Blogging Break

I'm about to take my annual break from blogging for a few days... Thanks for reading Look at Landscapes this year. Less than 40 new posts this year, but will continue to look for interesting landscape-related stories in the new year. Image: Ronald Lampitt, who also illustrated 'The Map that came to Life' and many Ladybird books...

Songs from the Cold Seas

Reminded of this earlier today...

New Nick Crane storymap for UK Landscapes

ESRI have been working to produce a StoryMap , using the Cascade template, which has been designed to go along with the new book by RGS President Nicholas Crane. The book tells the story of the British Landscape, and how it came into being. Click the tabs at the top of the map to find out more about a range of topics: Edge Land Climate Change Island Altered Earth Fields Forts  Towns End of Wilderness Street Plan Heat Island Into Space As Nicholas says at the start of the book, to care about a place you have to know its story. This would be great for GCSE Geographers needing to know more about the distinctive landscape of the UK.