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I have been preparing resources for a joint SfE / GA conference which was being organised for the new GCSE specifications, but has unfortunately been cancelled. One focus area was that of Avalanches What pedagogy could be used to teach about avalanches ? What approaches to delivering 'content' so that it sticks, and becomes part of the learning process, and can also be assessed in a way which allows students to achieve ? The first area that has to be tackled is to look at the specs and see what will be part of the assessment. Edexcel ‘A’: Avalanches and their management a. The physical and human causes and effects of an avalanche in a named location. b. Prediction and prevention of the effects of avalanches by forecasting, the design of buildings and defences, planning and education. So let's choose a location first of all. Where would be appropriate ? The Alps are a popular ski destination, and have been for many decades. There are many ski resorts, and the are

Lough Neagh.. Sound scape...

Listen to the Lough ... Radio 4 programme: The Lake - catch it on iPlayer while you can

Coastal Landscapes

An A-Z of coastal landscape features thanks to Mark Cowan's new poem. An A-Z of Coasts terms View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: geography coasts ) Don't forget the book is available to buy from the GA shop.