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Matterhorn - illuminated

For the last few weeks, the Matterhorn has been illuminated each night with the flag of a different European country, or Swiss Canton, or occasionally messages of solidarity with other countries, or a reminder to #stayathome Last night it was the turn of the United Kingdom. Images can be used as long as you follow the terms which are outlined when you download one from the site. Photographer © Light Art by Gerry Hofstetter / Foto Gabriel Perren Must be a fairly powerful projector... Source:

Literary Landscapes: maps from fiction

This exhibition took place in 2015, but is available virtually. Maps of imaginary places have accompanied literature for centuries.  Visualizing the fanciful worlds described in works of fiction sets the stage for events taking place in a story, and often provides insight into the characters themselves.  In this exhibition of forty items, visitors will discover maps from a variety of fictional genres, learn how authors create imaginary worlds, and appreciate why descriptive geography is essential to the story. People and creatures, even those who exist only in tales, are related to place, and maps of their imaginary worlds allow readers to be transported into the geography of fantasy. And this is just one of several exhibitions which can be visited virtually  at the same venue. This one on Geography in the Classroom is particularly good. I like the look of this game Thanks to David Cooper for the tipoff.

Sleep - a landscape for the sleeping mind to inhabit...

I have this on my iPhone at low volume every night, and now it is being broadcast live this evening through until tomorrow. An 8 hour instrumental piece... "...made as a kind of landscape for the sleeping mind to inhabit..." Radio 3 link here. It's a beautiful relaxation, and when I wake part way through the night I am then able to go back quickly....