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GA Conference Bookclub - Borders

Landscapes are divided by artificial lines. These borders are vital for geographers to study.  The first of what may become an annual book club event is going to take place on the first day of the GA Conference in a month's time. This is part of the changes to the format of the first day, which includes the fact that the conference dinner is included in the delegate fees. I have been asked to lead a discussion around a book and provide some thoughts on how it could be used in the classroom. There will also be an opportunity for you to swap books once again as we repeat the book swap which was originally the idea of Kate Stockings and seemed to work well last year, with many people going away with a new read for the journey home. The book that has been chosen for this first session is:  'The Edge of the Plain' by James Crawford. You can follow James on Twitter here. On a day when Suella Braverman is in Rwanda touring the places where asylum seekers may be housed, when we ha