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Sidmouth Cliff Collapse

Down to Sidmouth this afternoon, and I saw the new cliff collapses which happened over the weekend - there were five of them it seems. I check on these each year I come down to Devon as they were used as a case study of coastal erosion and management in the first edition of the OCR A and OCR B GCSE Geography textbooks I co-wrote for Hodder back in the day.  While there, I saw a cameraman filming inserts for the evening news, and the presenter was then live from Sidmouth this evening. There were two landslides visible here... a larger one in the background.

Living on the Edge

Another helpful article about coastal erosion - this time on the Holderness coast near Skipsea. It includes some helpful maps, images and diagrams including a map showing the lost villages. A useful Flourish graph is also included, which can be embedded...

The Trash Islands

One of my holiday reads is Alastair Bonnett's 'The Age of Islands'. He mentions the Trash Islands campaign which tried to get them recognised as a country by the United Nations. This was part of a campaign  back in 2018 to raise awareness of the issue of ocean plastics and the accumulation in gyres.