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Landscape and Lamb

Some foods are closely linked with the landscapes in which they are created? There is certainly a case to be made for an Edible Landscapes unit focussing on foods with Protected Geographical status. I like the promotion and graphic design on the support for Icelandic lamb, The tagline is good too. I'd go so far as to wear one of those if they were available to buy. The marketing brand book is full of wonderful images of the Icelandic landscape which provides the terroir for this food. And while in Iceland, seek out a bowl of Kjötsúpa!

Landscape inspiration

I take a great deal of pleasure from the images shared by Henry Rothwell. This is a wonderful image by Jane Madgwick.  'Downland Storm', Jane Madgwick, mixed media, 2017. — Henry Rothwell (@HenryRothwell) October 15, 2022

Warning signs

 New signage at Wells-next-the-Sea following a whole range of incidents this last summer...

Geographer's Gaze

  I worked on this project with Peter Fox , another former President for over a year and a half on and off, with several meetings at Solly Street and some other work remotely. Isabel Richardson had done a great deal of preparatory work at Solly Street on the lantern slide collection, which used to number in the tens of thousands. Isabel had been cataloguing the collection. The plan was to make use of a fund generously donated by former Honorary Treasurer Brian Ellis , to bring these images back out into the open, and provide some ideas for their use in the classroom as well as some context. I worked with Peter Fox and we co-wrote the accompanying text for each image on the GA website. The website area is now live, and there is also an article that I have written for the latest GA Magazine. My original version of the text was a little longer than the final version, which we agreed needed to be a bit tighter to increase the instant accessibility of the resource. For those who may want

Home is not a Place

I read this piece in a recent Observer, and was reminded of it today with some tweets from Johny Pitts. It relates to a new book of photography and poetry that he produced with Roger Robinson There is an accompanying exhibition at the Graves Gallery ‘My photographic practice involves trying to celebrate the spaces, capture them while they're still here and give them a home. If not in a literal sense in a figurative sense, for me home is somewhere that you take with you.’ Johny Pitts A book is also available.