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SAGT Conference Seminar - 2013

My seminars are available to view on my  SLIDESHARE page. SAGT Presentation from GeoBlogs I referred to Paul Cornish’s useful diagram from the GA’s curriculum planning site , which asks questions relating to the choice of case studies. Hopefully these move away from ‘the one in the textbook’… and are influenced by student and teacher choice and also experiences. I used the idea from Doreen Massey’s lecture where she referred to mountains themselves as ‘migrants’ in that they were constantly moving and changing, and how maps are a surface on which millions of stories are told. The idea of curriculum making came through, as did the idea of telling stories. Geography means 'writing the Earth' of course, and there are lots of opportunities for this to happen in familiar landscapes. I talked about teaching about mountains in the Fens, where the highest point was only 26m above sea level. I used an extract from Robert MacFarlane's 'The Old Ways'

Adventure Landscapes

Thanks to all those who contributed to my survey on Adventurous activities that had been carried out and the link with places, towards the end of the summer holiday in preparation for the new term... Here are all the results summarised from Google Drive... Adventure Landscapes - Results of survey