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Looking forward to this book...

Coastal Erosion book

Lovely work by Jason Orton. A book of photographs on coastal erosion which crumbles away before your eyes.... Is this an idea that could be adapted for use with students ?

Sense of Place

Some films have an amazing 'sense of place', and I've just watched one of them. Powell and Pressburger have made several other films which are in my all-time-classics list, particularly 'A Canterbury Tale'. This one is filmed in the Western Isles of Scotland, and is drenched in rainfall and blown by the gales... Nice work by Roger Livesey...

Daniel Raven Ellison's TEDx Talk

Teaching about landscape should involve the encouragement of exploration. Dan Raven Ellison, my friend and Geography Collective / Mission:Explore / Explorer HQ colleague was in Switzerland last month doing a TEDx talk on the theme of exploring... This is well worth watching... Several ideas to use straight away.... particularly the idea of 'polar exploration'.