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Landscapes of the Imagination

As I may have mentioned before on the blog, I did some work a few months ago for the Geography Collective on the theme of 'the local area'. This was for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC education in the USA, and Dan from the collective went over to Portland to speak to educators from all over the USA. Now there have been some videos released from the National Council for Geographic Education for the session that Dan Raven Ellison did for the conference, and they are on the GEOGRAPHY COLLECTIVE blog. Here's the first one and the other two are on the blog... This is very fine work, and explains the origins of the Geography Collective and our recent work, ideas of geography and showcases projects that Dan and the Collective have been involved with....

Pylons in the landscape

Pylons are a common feature of the British landscape. They are not well liked by people, but burying the power-lines that they carry would add substantially to the cost of the infrastructure, and we all use electricity (apart from those of us who life 'off-grid') Cumbria is the latest area of landscape to be 'threatened' by a new line of pylons. There is a competition currently to identify the best new pylon design. Which of the 6 is your favourite ? I like these ICELANDIC ones personally. Don't forget to visit the PYLON APPRECIATION SOCIETY.