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Inclusive Fieldwork Guide

One of the best ways to appreciate and study the landscape is to get out into it... The Cultivate Project team have created an engaging website where information can be found about ensuring that fieldwork, including undergraduate fieldwork can be made inclusive and accessible. The guide is available in English and Welsh language versions. #geographyteacher planning #fieldwork this year? Thought about #inclusion & #accessibility ? Want our 10 ways to ... booklet w/simple guidance on making your fieldwork more accessible & inclusive? DM 4 hardcopy or visit 2 download @The_GA Pls RT — Cultivate Project (@InclusiveGeosci) September 7, 2022 The page linked to above then links through to a whole range of useful documents for those who want to ensure that fieldwork is accessible to all... and not just in terms of the more obvious disabilities around mobility. Excellent work by those involved...