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UK National Parks in 100 Seconds

  The new film from Daniel Raven Ellison, with voice over from Cerys Matthews. Premiere was last night, followed by a panel discussion on the future of the UK's National Parks. Watch the film below: UK National Parks in 100 Seconds - Preview from Dan Raven-Ellison on Vimeo . "What do the UK's National Parks really look like? To see what these landscapes are made-up of, let's go on a walk. Each second of the walk reveals 1% of our National Parks and how they appear from above. Are you ready for the UK's National Parks in 100 seconds" Filmed from above and spoken by Cerys Matthews, this short film will likely change how you think about our National Parks forever. What could we do to make the most of our National Parks? What do you think? #UKNationalParksIn100Seconds