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Fenland Poetry

I entered a poem into a Fenland poetry competition a few weeks ago, and the date for entries is approaching. I'll post it here in a few months when the results are announced, as it can't be 'published' before then...

Landscape Art - Samuel Thomas

We had a good visit to Cromer earlier this week, for a trip to meet with friend, and we went to see the Samuel Thomas exhibition , which is on at the Red Lion in Cromer for the next week or so. Samuel is inspired by his home town of Cromer (and beyond) and was very helpful, chatting to my son who is about to start his GCSE Art studies. I liked how some of the pieces were very place specific and connected the art to the landscape on several levels which Samuel explained. Which other artists do you use in your teaching who have a connection with the landscape? Image copyright: Samuel Thomas

Pole of Cold - exploring Polar landscapes

If you are heading to the Historic Dockyards at Chatham over the next few months, you can check out a specially expanded version of the Pole of Cold exhibition which has been to several other locations over the last few years. This is the expedition which I got involved with in a small way by writing the educational resources, funded by the RGS-IBG (as was the expedition). The resources won a Scottish Association of Geography Teacher's (SAGT) Award in 2014. Read more about it in earlier posts on this blog. Further details of the exhibition: Discover the mystical world of the Arctic and the people who live there.  From Shamanism to ice cream. Kent’s very own polar explorer Felicity Aston MBE presents a diverse and exciting exhibition, which combines the natural world, adventure and art.  This compelling exhibition gives an insight into the coldest place on earth. Pole of Cold explores what life is like in some of the coldest permanently inhabited places in the Arcti

'A' level landscapes explored...

Breaking into the summer break for some important news … The AQA 'A' level Geography textbook that I worked for over 2 years on editing and co-writing (and re-writing) is now in stock at the publishers!   Order your copies now. Thanks again to everyone who helped with the project! Image: Caroline Walton from CUP

Pixar Piper

Out to see 'Finding Dory' today which is excellent - I preferred it to 'Finding Nemo' as there's more humour and invention, and of course the familiarity with the characters helps... The short film that went with it was also wonderful. It's called 'Piper ' and has exploration and overcoming fear at its heart... and of course it looks beautiful. Lovely rendering of the littoral landscape and the impact of the waves... Are you ready to brave the waves?