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Locate that Landmark Quiz

Thanks to Rob Chambers for the link to this fun quiz. Locate that Landmark would be useful for younger students to find well known places, which they could then investigate further. Which of them are: a) natural features b) man-made c) located in National Parks d) World Heritage Sites etc. You could also do it as a competition, as speed is of the essence as well as accuracy. On my first go on my phone I scored 10,750 on Level 1 - can you beat that? Also useful for UK Geography introduction - UK is important in GCSE Geography under the new specifications. Those taking the UK Citizenship test also need to be aware of many of these places too.

British Red Cross resource

Amongst all the other stuff that I'm doing at the moment, is a resource that is currently half way complete, and which I hope to complete before the end of the month. It's a new resource toolkit on natural disasters for the British Red Cross , which has a focus on the Nepal Earthquake , but looks at the issues linked to humanitarian aid by agencies, particularly the work of the British Red Cross, following natural disasters. It explores the impacts over time, and has resources for KS3, GCSE and 'A' level students. Here's one of the resources that I came across during my research below. You can search this blog for more on Nepal as well using the box in the top left. I'm grateful to Rachel Hay for her substantial support and sharing her own personal story of being in the earthquake. Here's another traffic CCTV video too, which shows the everyday traffic before the earthquake.  I'll let you know when the resource is available, and how you