Friday, 31 May 2013

Glacier on the Move

Lessons 9 and 10 from 'Look at it this Way' focus on upland glaciated landscapes in New Zealand.

This video is a 2 year timelapse from the British Geological Survey's Facebook page of a glacier in Iceland.

The latest timelapse from the BGS Iceland Glacier Observatory shows just how dynamic glaciers really are. This film takes daily noon-time images from one of our automated weather stations, between April 2011 and yesterday, May the 29th 2013. This is the ice flowing through the icefall on Fallj√∂kull, the eastern arm of the glacier. Immediately below the icefall we know the ice flows at roughly 50 meters per year, or around 15cm a day, but the icefall itself is faster flowing. We will be conducting research this September to find out just how fast…

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