Friday, 31 May 2013

Glacier on the Move

Lessons 9 and 10 from 'Look at it this Way' focus on upland glaciated landscapes in New Zealand.

This video is a 2 year timelapse from the British Geological Survey's Facebook page of a glacier in Iceland.

The latest timelapse from the BGS Iceland Glacier Observatory shows just how dynamic glaciers really are. This film takes daily noon-time images from one of our automated weather stations, between April 2011 and yesterday, May the 29th 2013. This is the ice flowing through the icefall on Falljökull, the eastern arm of the glacier. Immediately below the icefall we know the ice flows at roughly 50 meters per year, or around 15cm a day, but the icefall itself is faster flowing. We will be conducting research this September to find out just how fast…

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