Sunday, 24 March 2013

Oliver Rackham

I've been creating a GeoLibrary this year, with 365 books to be placed on the virtual shelves of the library. Quite a few of them are related to landscape, which is not surprising given my interests. One book that I have just added to the shelves is an important one for anyone teaching about the landscape (which should be everyone of course)

This is a classic book, and has been published in a number of different editions over the years.
It was written in the 1980s.
It explains how the British countryside came about, through a range of processes which in some cases date back hundreds (or even thousands) of years.

This edition is an illustrated version / adaptation which adds some really useful extra images to the text.
The book is framed around a series of walks, which take the walker through some of the processes which shaped the landscape. One of them is at Holme-next-the-Sea in Norfolk, and I have walked that route many times.

There is plenty here on vernacular geography and how it has shaped many of the distinctive areas of the UK.

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