Friday, 9 November 2012

White Cliffs of Dover

A few years ago I read (and blogged about) a book by Julian Baggini called 'Welcome to Everytown'. In it, he described spending a year in the postcode which apparently had the most 'average' characteristics of any postcode area.
It turned out to be the postcode where I was born and brought up, to the east of Rotherham.

Julian has now moved on to another place which has resonance for the people of England. He spent a week in August as writer-in-residence at the White Cliffs of Dover.
In an article for the Times, he talks about the various views that people have about the cliffs. Are they a supportive icon of Britishness, or a symbol of exclusion ?
What do they mean for different people ?
Julian has also written this piece in The Guardian which is worth reading.

This would be relevant for the lesson 'Living on the Edge'.

Image by Flickr user HBarrison and shared under CC license, for which many thanks...

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