Saturday, 31 July 2010

Changes in a landscape

Image by Flickr user Gee Bee under Creative Commons license

Imagine you look out of your window one morning and notice that the view you have been familiar with for so long has now changed because something has been added / been removed.

This sort of thing happens a lot, but it's always a shock when it's outside your own window.

The Trinity Centre Multi storey car park has been a part of the Newcastle skyline for decades.
It became famous for a scene in the film "Get Carter", with Michael Caine.

Today is the day when the process of demolition starts, and a useful article, with that famous scene was produced by the Daily Mail.

There's an interesting quote from the architect of the building: Owen Luder, who said that Gateshead was "losing its front teeth". As parents know, when your children lose their milk front teeth there's a bit of a shock for a few weeks but then they grow up and looking back at old photos a few years later you think "did they really look like that ?"

In the "Mission:Explore" book there's reference to topocide: the factors which help to "kill" a place...
How does the removal of familiar buildings like this affect a place ??

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