Friday, 2 April 2010

Landshapers Resource for South Downs National Park

The South Downs was designated as a national park yesterday, as I blogged about at the time.
Having investigated the blog a little further, I've come across a resource that would be useful for those teaching about LANDSCAPE.

Here is how the project is described on the website:

‘Landshapers’ is an oral history project which tells the story of the South Downs through the people who live and work there. A joint undertaking between the South Downs Joint Committee, Natural England and Hampshire County Council, the six audio visual files help explain how this landscape has been, and continues to be, shaped by man. These stories cover a wide range of themes intrinsically linked to the unique landscape we see today, all presented by a variety of local experts and accompanied by evocative and inspiring images of the South Downs. These are impassioned and personal accounts by the narrators based on their own background and experience. The audio files can also be downloaded onto mp3 players and are intended to accompany a number of walks in the South Downs where these themes are relevant. It is hoped these narratives will enhance your experience of the landscape as you explore it.

The LANDSHAPERS resource can be viewed by clicking the link...

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