Friday, 19 February 2010

Changing Norfolk landscape...

Image by Flickr user Sami Taipale made available under Creative Commons license

Image by Flickr user zaser made available under Creative Commons license

There was a lot of comment locally this week and last, when BIRDS EYE announced a major decision on their sourcing of peas. (Link to the EDP article)

There was a posting on the local PICKENHAM POSTS blog regarding the decision.

This will not only have an impact on the landscape, but take away a lot of regular contract income for local farmers.

It is also a break in history as the area has been providing peas for freezing for decades.

Following a link to the BIRDS EYE website also led me to their CHANGING PLATES report. (Link leads to PDF download)

This would make a good resource for those looking at cultural change in the UK and the changing importance of families sitting down around a table to eat a meal together...
More on this to come...

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