Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Norfolk Coast Management Plan

Got a copy of this document on Monday night via the Norfolk Coast Partnership
It's the proposed plan for 2009-2014.
It includes some useful sections on landscape, and something called landscape character. The whole of the Norfolk coast has been split into sections which have a particular character.
I live on the border of the North Norfolk AONB: Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which then extends all along the coast from my village.

What is Landscape character ?
Put simply, landscape character is what makes an area unique. It is defined as "a distinct, recognisable and consistent pattern of elements, be it natural (soil, landform) and/or human (for example settlement and development) in the landscape that makes one landscape different from another, rather than better or worse".

Natural England have a range of landscape character resources on their website.

One activity that could be tried would be to come up with some new types of landscape character for the area around your school, or perhaps to try to identify the landscape character of local areas from images and other resources.

More to come on this later...

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