Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Coming soon to the blog... and GA website...

The plan for the KS3 TEACHERS' TOOLKIT is to support the printed books with additional resources.

The additional materials that I will be adding here, or on the GA website will include:
  • Additional sets of starter images (Creative Commons licensed)
  • Further detail on New Zealand to support Lessons 9 and 10
  • Snowdon Cafe mystery and resources (additional lesson and assessment task if required)
  • Landscapes Bingo activity - bingo cards and image set
  • Further mountain resources
  • 6x6 Story writing activity (as featured in OS Mapping News article)
  • Information sheets on using a range of software to develop the activities in the book
  • 5 W presentation and images
  • "Monopoly" activity resources
  • Travel writing: text extracts to use
  • Google Earth file of locations in the textbook

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