Friday, 12 December 2008

Take the wrong way home....

"You're lost without geography" the classroom display label says....

Today I deliberately went left instead of right after dropping the kids off at school.

A good book by Rebecca Solnit is about the art of "getting lost". One newspaper report on this book includes the following interesting quote:

NOT long ago in the Adirondacks on the summit of Mount Marcy, New York's
highest mountain, a wilderne
ss ranger was taken aback when a hiker whipped out a cellular phone to call his office more than 300 miles away in Manhattan and report: "I'm not
feeling well. I can't make it in t
o work today."

Is it possible to get lost with today's available technology ?

It was a very frosty morning today, so I took my camera with me on the school run, and decided to take a different route home than the one I use 99% of the time. I took some pictures on the way home, and a few are added below: more for you to use on my FLICKR page.

Try it today - take a different route home and take 3 images of things that you've never noticed before. See the new in the familiar...

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