Monday, 11 February 2008

Wind Farms

Ecotricity are the company behind the huge turbines at Swaffham that I pass regularly - went past them last week on the way to a conference at UEA.
They have a very useful website which features a whole range of resources. There is a time lapse video showing the construction of one of their installations.

I particularly liked the interactive map of their installations, and also the PDF downloads of the plans, for example the wind turbines that they are putting into Manchester City's football ground. These include photomontages and maps showing how the turbines will look once they are in place.

Swaffham is also KINGDOM COUNTRY after the Sunday evening ITV series starring Stephen Fry. Two of the students I teach featured in a recent episode as they were in a local cricket team which hosted filming of an episode.The local tourist authorities are finally waking up to the potential that this has to attract visitors. I used to live quite close to Holmfirth: the Last of the Summer Wine country...

Here is a Kingdom map I found on the VISIT NORFOLK website.

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