Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Maps of wherever you want...

Our Year 7s are being asked to create faces which are made up from OS Map Symbols.
Their faces need a key of each of the symbols they use (spot the shoehorned 'education' bit...) and can be made up of layered symbols. They are given a laminated key to use. I will post some of the suggestions later once they have been judged.

On the FLICKR Geography Teacher Resources Pool (which you should join and contribute to if you haven't already) some wonderful maps have been added by Flickr user mearse.

These are the result of a project where students were asked to draw a map of anywhere: the 2 I've included are of unconventional 'landscapes': a student's house (and their pathways through it) and a fridge's contents...
Click to make them larger. Some great ideas and so creative.

Some great ideas.

While we're at it, I recommend that you visit the gallery of Bryan Ledgard, who does a lot of design work for the Geographical Association and has a large collection of eminently geographical images with lots of great LANDSCAPES of course. Here's a sample image...
I love this one, as that's the same chippy I use when we go to Whitby (which we do every year at some point) - the picture is called Xmas Dinner

Picture Credit Copyright: Bryan Ledgard

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